Oysters: French -3€
         Apple Brunoise -3€
         Ponzu with Cilantro -3€

Trio of Dips -9€
Guacamole, edamame, hummus, cod & chive


Vietnamese roll -5€

Rice paper (smoked pork or vegetarian)

Nachos Beach House -11€ -12€
Guacamole, melted cheese, "pico de gallo" Chili con Carne / Vegetarian

Steamed Mussels -10€
Coconut & lemongrass broth

Truffle fries -4.5€
Parmigiano Reggiano, truffle mayo

"Brochette" -9€
Tender free-range chicken pieces barbecued on lemongrass, satay sauce

Smoked Aubergine Fritters -8€
Goat´s cheese, smoked grapes

Truffle Mac & Cheese Balls -6.5€


Caprese -12€
Fresh Burrata with lamb´s lettuce, cherry tomatoes, basil, olive oil & balsamic vinegar

Leafy greens, smoked feta, carrot, sweet corn, radish, grape fruit, shallots, toasted seeds

Mediterranean -10
Quinoa, feta, avocado, sweet onion, sweet pepper, pomergranate & cherry tomatoes 

Macerated Watermelon and Smoked Feta -9 €


Ceviche "Peruvian style" -15€
Sea bass, sweet potato, corn, "canchita", passion fruit, "leche de tigre" and aji aji amarillo

"Amanit" Octopus -19€
Grilled Galician octopus, with "causa"(chilled Peruvian lemon & beet potato purée)

Steak Tartare -18€
Galician beef on its marrow, caperberries, sous vide egg yolk

Smoked Tuna Tartar -14€
Sashimi grade tuna, 63º hens egg, soy, Yuzu vinaigrette

Fish Taco -7€
Fish of the day, crispy vegetables, chipotle mayonnaise (GF available)

Portuguese Chicken -18€
Boneless, flame grilled

Aged entrecote (60 days) -13€ -26€
D.O. Galicia, salsa verde (100g / 200g)


Mountain Rice -22€
Porc Ibérique et Fromage de Montagne

Seafood Rice -22€
Atlantic Monkfish and Galician Octopus

Malasian Seafood Curry -23€
Atlantic Monkfish and Galician Octopus


"Wagyu" Cheeseburger -13
180g Wagyu beef, gouda, cheedar, secret sauce

Spicy Katsu Burger -12€
Katsu chicken, cheedar, creamy mushroom sauce, tomato, lettuce

"Fish Cutter" -13€
Sea bass, cheddar, pickled onion, Caribbean coleslaw, tartar sauce

Halloumi burger -11€
Battered Halloumi cheese, sauce mushroom, sweet chili jam